How to get rid of your acne FOR GOOD

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Hi everyone! If you’re reading this based on the title, get ready for some seriously life changing (and skin changing) news. So today I’m talking about a topic that everyone has dealt with at some point or another…acne. Yes, whether you had mild acne through puberty, severe acne well into adulthood, even the occasional break out when it’s that time of the month or anything in between, we’ve all had it and we’ve all struggled through several methods (even crazy home remedies…*cough cough* toothpaste, yikes) of trying to get rid of it. I even used to douse my face in a coat of rubbing alcohol to try to dry out all the acne, can you say dehydrated skin? Well, fortunately for me (and my poor skin), I found my method of combating acne and significantly improving my skin; and now I’m sharing it with all of you in hopes that this method will help someone else out the way it helped me!

My skin-savior was the Regimen. I give this product full credit for clearing up my acne and keeping my skin clear ever since.


I discovered the Acne Regimen my senior year of high school when I was finally sick and tired of my acne and all of the failed attempts at clearing it up. From home remedies, to over the counter acne products, to dermatologists visits, and lots and lots of my grandma’s money spent on prescription topical creams that, let’s face it, I probably didn’t give enough of a chance but after so long I knew were not going to work for me. Now, I will say I did not have SEVERE acne, but it was there. It was embarrassing. And it was enough to make me extremely self conscious and have my grandma doing everything she could to try and help me get it cleared up.

I honestly can’t remember how I discovered this product, but I’m SO glad that I did. Unfortunately I did not take any before pictures of my acne when I started using the regimen (If you would have told me that I would be posting about this on my blog 2 years from then, I’d have told you you’re crazy lol). I managed to find a few pictures after digging through old Facebook photos for about 30 minutes, where you can see some of the texture on my skin from my acne; however, these pictures are from a year before I started the regimen so my acne was actually worse than this when I started it. I also have makeup on in all of these so you can’t see a lot of the redness that was there from my acne. (Bare with me these pics are old and embarrassing…braces and all).

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “you didn’t even have it bad”, and you’re right. But like I said it did get worse from there and everybody’s acne is different. If it’s enough for you to be self conscious, it’s enough for you to be able to want to find something that will clear it up.

LUCKILY, the Regimen is a super easy and AFFORDABLE method that WORKS to get rid of your acne. There are three steps to the regimen that you do morning and night until your acne is gone. First you use the cleanser to wash your face (Once I had used all of this I started using baby soap because it is also very gentle on the skin, but I definitely believe purchasing the cleanser to begin with is essential to see results). You then apply the benzoyl peroxide all over your face with a gentle massaging motion, and then apply the moisturizer.

Another amazing thing about the acne regimen is that not only does it work for clearing up acne on your face, it works for body acne as well. I used the regimen on my back and it helped clear up my bacne as well. You use the same products and the same three steps, the only difference is that you use glycolic acid instead of the moisturizer that you use on your face. BUT, after about a month of using the moisturizer on your face you can start using the glycolic acid in place of the moisturizer and let me tell you this works wonders to clear up your complexion and get rid of acne scars. You can also look up youtube videos for step by step instructions on how to use the regimen as well as see TONS of reviews on the products (most are success stories because this stuff is seriously amazing). I will say the only downside I experienced when using the regimen was that my skin was SUPER dry and flakey and itchy in the first few weeks (which was not a surprise because they say that will most likely happen). I highly recommend visiting the website if you’re still wanting more information on the process and the science behind the regimen if this post isn’t enough to convince you that it really works (If you decide to purchase it after visiting their website I would greatly appreciate if you still used one of the links in this post to purchase it). Here is a chart that I grabbed directly from the website on what you should expect from your skin while using the regimen.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 2.48.19 PM.png

Here is what my skin looks like now, without makeup, 2 years after starting the acne regimen.

IMG_8487 2

And I’m sure at this point you all are wondering…how much does it cost???

The Starter Kit is only $44 and the website claims that it is about a 1-2 month supply. I purchased the Big Kit which is about $76 and this is supposed to last you for 2-4 months; HOWEVER, I STILL have and use the benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid and it’s been almost two years since I first started the regimen. I will say that I only use the regimen products now whenever I have a breakout, but either way I’ve had the product for two years which is insane considering they claim it will only last 3-4 months.

The Regimen  seriously changed my skin for the better and I can now confidently wear makeup and not wear makeup without being self conscious of the texture and redness of acne on my skin, which is such a great feeling.

If you struggle with acne and are self conscious of your skin, and have tried everything in the book like I did, I HIGHLY recommend giving the regimen a shot.

That’s all for today! If you decide to try the regimen I would love to hear how it works for you! If you have any other questions that didn’t get answered in this post about the regimen or how I cleared up my acne, don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be more than happy to answer any questions! Until next time 🙂

Xo, Ty

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